Interview with a Doppleganger

Thursday, December 8, 2005

Last week I recieved a phone call from Mark Melville.  What?!  Yup, it turns out there is more than one of me!  A common first name, an uncommon last name, and still there are a handful of people in the world with whom I share this wonderful moniker.

Of course I already knew about the Mark Melville who called me because I, like so many before me, have "googled" my name so many times that it borders on a sick obsession.  Here are just a few of the ones I've learned about:

And many others including a woodworker in Chicago, a golf official in Scotland, an avid biker, and a security guard.  There is mention of a video game tester but that is actually me.  I found alot in Canada, so for all I know some of them are the same person.

You're probably wondering why Mark Melville the cinematographer called me.  Simple.  He wanted my domain name.  Every web developer has a fanstasy where someone offeres them a big bag of money for one of their domain names that they got for $8.95.  Nothing like that happened this time.  He is starting a business, and my site is personal, so it makes sense to me that that we rearrange things.  You may have noticed that this site is already running under "".

So, keep plugging away Mark Melvilles of the world!  Do our name proud!  Don't be like the fish theif or missing person!  Be like the CEO and city coucilman!  And no, I don't have anymore domain names to sell you!

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