So Much To Do...

Monday, February 21, 2005

Post-it Note DudeI seem to be chronically plagued with a condition that causes me to take too much on to my plate at any given time. In addition to the responsibilities of being a father and husband, which are sufficient to take up all free time, I've got friends, family, church, and hobbies to try and fit in. Having time to myself is something I relish when it happens. It usually comes at the willing expense of others. That is, it doesn't occur naturally anymore, so I am especially grateful when I get an hour or so to myself (usually when my wife takes the kids).

So what do I do with this free time? In a microcosmic parallel to life, this time gets allocated among a smaller subset of hobbies, which include building websites, reading, studying, and watching TV or movies. At any given time, I have probably a dozen website projects, 5 books on my reading list, 3 technical manuals borrowed from work, and 4 programs scheduled on TiVO.

It can get depressing when a month goes by and not one book has been read, or some website that I really want to see completed get hardly a line of code. I've thought about what it is that makes some of my to-do list get done and the rest not get done. I think for me it has to do with comparing difficulty with satisfaction. At any given time I will do the easiest thing that will give the most satisfaction. Watching TV is very easy and pretty satisfying (maybe too satisfying). But if I will enjoy the accomplishment of reading a book more that that of watching TV, then that is what I'll do. This is broken down even further when it comes to WHICH book I read, or WHICH website I work on.

As I look back, I see that I may not have accomplished everything I hoped to, but I did, in fact, get a lot done. Over the last year I've completed several of my web projects, read a handful of books, and I've learned TONS about web development both through my personal projects and work. So I continue on this course, knowing that with the 50 plus years (hopefully) ahead of me that I will have quite a satisfying and enriching life, in my free time, as well as in other aspects.

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