Hospital Error in Your Favor: Collect 1 Baby Boy

Friday, February 25, 2005

Post-it Note DudeWe've been very excited lately as we await the arrival of our third child. The birth is scheduled for April 12th by Cesarean Section. On Dec 1, we had an ultrasound and was told with extreme confidence that we did one thing well...Girls. We were a tiny bit dissapointed because we're ready for the new experience to be had by a boy. Nevertheless, we were able to accept the situation and we began our plans.

Jamie went back in on Wednesday for a follow up ultrasound to check the status of her previously low-lying placenta. As the doctor was looking around, he said, "Did they tell you whether you were having a boy or a girl?"

"Yes, It's a girl."


With that Jamie looked up to the screen and was, by herself, as un untrained ultrasonographer, able to see that in fact they had been wrong the first time. There in all its glory was the proof irrefutable. It's actually a boy!

Well, we have a new lease on baby excitement. It's what we wanted originally so we're really nothing but happy about this. Luckily our plans were to decorate the nursury in a gender-neutral fashion, so we are going to keep at it. There's only 7 weeks left!

They told us this was the first time that the doctor who did the first ultrasound has ever been wrong. It just makes me think of how riduculous it is for people, no matter how educated ot trained, to think themselves as infallible in anything.

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