Projects on Mark’s Plate
Last Update - February 25, 2005

I work full-time for DIGOP, “our new name for Digital Options,” a web services provider located in the greater Salt Lake area. I spend all my time there maintaining and developing a complex website known as My ePHIT. Using a special blend of ASP server-side programming and a SQL Server database, I help to keep running this complex application whereby people can track their exercise & nutrition.

Giant Brothers Multimedia

This is a company that Spencer Hale and I started which has provided video and web services to home and small business since 2003.

  • – Our new site is up, but it drastically needs more content.
  • - This a photographer that lives near Spencer.  We are going to do a portfolio site for her to help her drum up business.
  • – This is a non-profit organization started by my friends who lost their first child to a condition called Vasa Previa. We have provided them with a simple site and discussion boards.
  • – This company is headed up by the same great folk who I used to work for at Geppeddo. We created this eCommerce application as well as built a custom employee extranet.
Personal Projects
  • - My brother's site that showcases his talents as a game designer and artist.
  • – The Melville Family Website. Belonging to my parents and siblings, this site is currently struggling to justify its own existence. I’m working on more features for family members, and more features for guests. My current mania is a collaborative genealogy website where we can all help in our own special way.
  • – This is a science fiction and fantasy fansite, invented by my friend, Andy. We had some discussion boards last year, but we are slowly building to include a comprehensive resource of all things fiction.
The Back Burner
  • – Spencer and I met and formed a bond in High School because of our mutual appreciation of the musical group They Might Be Giants. This site, like so many others, exists because domain names are so dang cheap.
  • – Don’t ask.
  • – This beauty is an A.I. breakthrough waiting to happen. This concept hearkens back to a time when my brother Alan brought us a DOS-based game that would try to guess what you were thinking of, a la 20 Questions. It would learn from you each time it played. You can go now and play the current online version.
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