Keeping up with the Melvilles
Last Update - December 2, 2005
Mark is keeping busy at work, both at DIGOP and Giant Brothers.  He has begun to pass the tests needed to become an MCDBA.  He continues to improve the house, bit by bit. He serves as 1st counselor in the Young Men's Presidency in our newly formed ward.
Jamie juggles the responsibilities of a mom, Secretary in the Relief Society, running the affairs of the house, and interpreting two night a week at UVSC.  She remains, thus far, sane enough for the stress.
Lauren just turned five, and is in her second year of preschool. She is reading at the top of her class and loves to draw, write, and make crafts.  She got a pile of arts & crafts related gifts on her birthday and just tore through them.
Hannah is almost three years old.  She is playing make-believe all day, from having her stuffed animals act out family dramas, to cooking up a pot of necklace stew.
Peter continues as our most happy baby yet, always laughing and enjoying the company of anyone around him.  He is army-crawling all over the house which leaves us 30-second intervals to get anything done before we have to stop him from destroying something.
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